On Writing

Writing is one of my hobbies so it’s something I’m quite passionate about. It’s how we communicate and it’s how we inspire our audiences and convey ideas. Without writing we’d be quite stuck. Well, we’d have pictographs and older languages but still, writing is uniquely inspiring.

Magnifying Glass over Internet in the dictionary

Writing is also how businesses convey their business. It’s how we tell people what we do. How is it then a lot of people, businesses and web designers alike get it so wrong?

Whenever I’m looking for a business online or even looking for design tutorials I tend to think less of them whenever I see spelling mistakes. It might be that you aren’t great at spelling and that’s not really my issue. My issue is that you’ve typed it up on a computer and computers have spellcheckers. Browsers and online blogging software often have spellcheckers, as well as Word, InDesign or other word processors. Therefore, it’s not really a problem to check spelling, is it?

Punctuation tends to bother me too as well as grammar. The use of ‘alot’ or ‘atleast’ or other phrases is baffling.  Where did they come from?! If you type it into the computer with a spellchecker then it’s going to come up wrong…

As well as this people who misuse commas and put things like “:-“, tends to irritate me. I can understand people who aren’t good at English, but people who are designers really should be competent. Even if you aren’t good at spelling there’s no real excuse for punctuation or grammar issues. Not nowadays, anyway.

I would suggest Penguin’s Guide to Punctuation or maybe Grammar Girl.


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